Sassy Yoga Challenge Day 7: Eagle (Garudasana)

Ok dudes. The important thing with this pose is the compression - squeeze your thighs together, your arms together, your shoulders down. REALLY squeeze in! It’s not important how low you squat.

There are also lots of arm variations. My limbs are short as hell, so I have trouble wrapping my arms and getting my palms together to achieve the “full” pose. The first pic illustrates this.

The next two pics are variations you can do with your shortie arms. I like to wrap around my shoulders best.

In vinyasa, the pose is meant to be more upright. Sit back on your heels and into your hips like in Chair Pose (Utkatasana). In hot yoga, Garudasana is more “hunched” over and compressed, as you’ll see in the last two photos. Squeeeeeze it in, y’all!

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