Dear body:

Dear hair, I hope you appreciate that I’m finally leaving you alone and letting you grow out again. Sorry I’ve neglected the bottom of you; I promise I’ll get a trim soon. I love that you decided to be wavy/curly within the last 10 years, and I love how thick you are. 

Dear eyes, thanks for being the best. I wanted to get glasses to help you see better when I was 19, but you didn’t even need them!

Dear ears, thank you for hearing beautiful things. Thank you for alerting me to my surroundings. 

Dear arms, you’re chubby and you jiggle a lot; I’m really self-conscious about you. You also can pick up heavy things and put them down again, including my entire body. You support me in handstands and arm balances. You’re a lot stronger than you look. 

Dear belly, I try to put really good, healthy, clean things in you but I don’t treat you great all the time, and you are one resilient motherfucker. Thanks for dealing with beer and pizza like a champ. Thanks for fully digesting gluten, dairy, nuts, sugar, and pretty much anything else. I love you. 

Dear legs, you’re a lot stronger and more powerful than I give you credit for. The faded stretch marks on you prove that you’ve been built from more difficult times. 

Dear hips, as soon as I hit puberty, you were everyone’s focus. You’ve always deserved the attention, even though it made me uncomfortable when I was younger. I’ve come to accept how absurdly wide you are, and I love using you to herd people out of my way in  a crowd.

Dear mind, I’m sure you need some therapy, but I’m proud of how you’ve pulled through. You’re really smart, and I need to remember that. Thanks for sticking with me. 

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